Hey, I'm Menghua 👋

I am currently a frontend developer 👩‍💻, a hiking enthusiast ⛰️, and a happy baker 🍞 who is passionate about photography and writing. My life goal is to find a lovely city, build a sunlit house with a spacious kitchen, and engage in meaningful work that creates value.

Over the past decade, I've written content on Instagram and this blog. After a redesign of the website using Next.js and Tailwind CSS in 2023, you can explore my experiences in travel, hiking and career transitions here. Gain insights into how I learn and grow in my life journey, and in the process, I share knowledge accumulated along the way.

What I write recently 📝

  • 第一次伴侶諮商週記


  • 一趟跨越三十年的山行山裡的日子


    2017 年中,我在日記上寫了「想實現帶爸媽登山的願望,好希望自己在不久的將來能做到!」那時候的我剛讀完山女日記,其中一篇主角寫到想帶身為家庭主婦的母親出門,去看外面一座座山的期待...
  • #8 想知道自己現在在哪裡週記

    #8 想知道自己現在在哪裡